giovedì 21 marzo 2013


E'una notizia che ci sorprende non poco visto che Sub Terra, rock estremo e cultura underground in Italia (1977-1998) per ora ha avuto solo un'edizione in italiano.
Il sito giapponese "Yamaha" ha dedicato un lungo articolo a Sub terra e al nuovo libro targato Tsunami "Come Lupi tra le pecore" (sul Black Metal nazionalista).
Visto che non mastichiamo il giapponese ci siamo affidati a google translate e vi proponiamo una traduzione in inglese con tutti gli inconvenienti del caso:

Another book, the meaning of "underground" is "Sub Terra". Subtitle of "Underground Extreme Rock Italian and Culture 1977-1998" is attached. Although you can have the cover Utsu~tsu to glimpse from around that AC Wild and bulldozers of Steve Sylvester Death SS, but this was to introduce the Italian underground metal. 
But what astonished even the geek Italian progressive rock of Italy is also popular in Japan, "Many of the out of print Italian prog have gathered in Tokyo," said Progressive has been largely ignored in this document, the dark has been making that focuses on underground metal. In addition to the bands high-profile Sadist, and Ekusutorema, Death SS is a male Dark Metal plagal, Paul chain that became solo they leave, the long-term as a cult band and bulldozers, and realized its Japan tour Cripple-Busters is a veteran such as black, Italian-grind core, would have been known in Japan as well. Many of the bands demo tapes and flyers have been posted, but local bands not even heard the name. 
By reading this book, knowing the movement of the metal scene of the darkness that has been rooted in the basement of the Italian Peninsula that I can be. 
Or written about the scene in each region, and recorded an interview with the owner of the independent label such as "Black Widow Records," "My Kingdom Music", good book which is 350 pages total, and pickled Italian underground metal.

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